Setting a Lesson as a Draft

Learn how draft mode in Zenler helps instructors work on lessons before publishing. They are hidden, providing control over course content.

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Setting a lesson as a draft is easy. When a lesson is in draft mode, it won't be visible to the students.

First, go to 'Courses' then click the 'Course' where you want to set one of the lessons as draft.

Next, go to 'Curriculum' > 'Other Media' > 'E-Book' > click 'Set as Draft' > 'Save Changes'

We set an E-Book in draft mode so it won't appear on course.

Go to 'Preview' > 'Course Access as a Student'.

The 'E-Book' lesson under 'Other Media' disappeared now as it is set as a draft.

Similarly, the E-Book won't appear on the sales page, even in the course curriculum.

Why use draft mode?

Draft mode enables you to work on your lessons without having them half-finished and published. For example, if I wanted to release my e-book into a course, but I wasn't ready, I could leave it in draft mode.

When you are ready to publish the e-book, untick the box for 'Set as Draft'.

Next, click 'Save Changes'. The E-Book is not in draft mode now.

The E-Book will now appear in the course curriculum, on the sales page, and on the course access page.

Using the draft mode feature in Zenler allows you to work on your lessons and publish them when they're complete.

Also, watch the video on 'Setting a Lesson as a Draft'

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