Adding a Download to a Lesson

Learn how to create a download for your students in a course using Zenler. Add files, videos, audios & more to your course lessons.

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Uploading a download to your courses is easy.

First, go to 'Courses' then click the 'Course' you want to add the download to.

Next, go to 'Curriculum' > 'Add Lesson' in the section.

Enter 'Lesson Name' & 'Save Changes'.

Next, select the 'Download' in 'Add Content' section.

It will open up 'Add Downloads' window.

Add download from the 'Library' if it is already uploaded there.

If not 'Upload File' by clicking 'Drop files here to upload' section.

In this case, we will give students a 'PDF Download' called 'Course Creation'.

Next, click 'Open'.

Now, it has been added to your lesson and will be displayed here:

Go to 'Preview' to view your 'Course Curriculum as a Student'.

Then, navigate to 'Other Media' and select 'Download' for the file you just uploaded.

You can see the PDF file on the right-hand side, available for the students to download.

Next, click on the PDF document to download it to your computer. Once downloaded, it will be displayed in the bottom left corner of your screen. You can open and view this file from there or access it from the 'Downloads' folder on your computer.

Please note that you can upload all types of media within Zenler. You can include videos, audio, and PowerPoint presentations, and download all of them into the same lesson if you wish. Downloads provide a convenient way for people to access and download documents that you have created, whether it's for extra information or additional resources.

Also, watch the video on 'Adding a Download to a Lesson'

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