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Uploading a PowerPoint to Zenler

Learn how to upload a PowerPoint presentation to your Zenler course with easy steps.

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Uploading a PowerPoint to your courses is easy.

First, go to 'Courses' then click the 'Course' you want to add the PowerPoint to.

Next go to 'Curriculum' > 'Add Lesson' in the section (eg: 'Other Media').

Enter 'Lesson Name' & 'Save Changes'.

Next, select the 'PowerPoint' in 'Add Content' section.

You will be taken to 'Add PPT' window. You can select it from the PPT library if already uploaded there. Otherwise, click 'Drop files here to upload'.

Once uploaded, your PowerPoint presentation will appear here.

Go to 'Preview' to view your 'Course Curriculum as a Student'.

Then, navigate to 'Other Media' & select 'PowerPoint' presentation you just uploaded.

At the bottom of the slides, you will find tools that enable you to enter full-screen mode, navigate to specific pages, and play the presentation automatically within the Zenler platform.

Also watch the video on 'Uploading a PowerPoint to Zenler'

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