Adding Text Media Type to Zenler

Learn how to use a text editor & WYSIWYG editor in Zenler. Navigate courses, create lessons, format text, add media & preview content.

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Adding a 'Text Media' to your courses is easy.

First, go to 'Courses' then click the 'Course' you want to add the text to.

Next go to 'Curriculum' > 'Add Lesson' in the section. eg. 'Other Media'. You can also add media to existing lessons.

Enter 'Lesson Name' & 'Save Changes'.

Next, select the 'Text' in 'Add Content' section.

This will open up the 'WYSIWYG' editor. The WYSIWYG editor offers several formatting options along the top. Use the "title" option to change the formatting to the heading text. Change the color and format, make it bold, italic, or strikethrough. Upload images, insert tables, add links, and put lines between sections. Undo and redo changes, underline, use numbered bullets and list type bullets, and subscript or superscript text. Change the text color, font size, alignment, and font type.

The WYSIWYG editor is designed to make editing easy and can be used for writing descriptions about what your users will see.

Once you have finished writing and formatting the text, click 'Save'.

Go to 'Preview' to view your 'Course Curriculum as a Student'.

Then, navigate to 'Other Media' & select 'Lesson' you just created, in this case, 'Text'. The content will be displayed on the right-hand side.

Also, watch the video on 'Adding Text Media Type to Zenler'

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