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Invite a Friend or a Referral
Invite a Friend or a Referral

Learn how to invite friends to join the Zenler platform as referrals and receive a 40% commission by sharing your referral URL.

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If you are a member of the partner program, you can invite a friend using your direct referral URL. Go to Dashboard > "Invite a Friend"

You will be provided with your "Referral URL" to send to them. Simply copy the URL by clicking the little 'Copy' icon and send it to your referral. Once they sign up and upgrade, you will receive a 40% tier 1 commission for that direct referral.

It will also display "Please set up your Paypal details for receiving Partner Payouts. Click Here".

If you have already set up Paypal gateway, this note will not appear.

You can also obtain a "Referral URL" by going to Partner Program > Partner Settings > Copy the URL.

Also, watch the video on 'Invite a Friend or a Referral'

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