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What Are The Partner Settings?
What Are The Partner Settings?
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To access the 'Partner Settings', go to the 'Menu' tabs and click on any of the following: Courses, Marketing Funnels, Email, Broadcasts, Communities, Site, or Live.

Then, go to the bottom left-hand corner and click on the 'Partner Program', and finally, select 'Partner Settings'

This will take you to the 'Partner Settings' page.

Here, you will find your unique 'Partner ID' that is also used in your partner URL.

Zenler offers the best 'Referral Commissions' in the industry. Refer a friend and make 40% of what they pay Zenler - we call this Tier 1 commission. If that friend refers another friend, you will get 5% of what they pay Zenler as well - we call this Tier 2 Commission. And this is not just for the first year; it's "forever" as long as referrals stay with Zenler.

It is important to note that these commissions are only for people who upgrade to the pro or premium plan through your partner URL.

Your 'Partner URL' is what you use to refer people to Zenler. Always use your partner URL when asking people to sign up. This will ensure that if they upgrade, you will receive the correct commission.

The 'Partner Badge' is a badge that shows on your site at the bottom right of the pages.

Some people leave it ON as it helps track referrals, while others prefer to turn it OFF to keep their site looking fresh and in their own colors. You can turn the badge ON or OFF in the partner settings. If you do not wish to show the partner badge on the site, you can turn the option OFF.

This is where you find 'Partner Badge' on your site: "Powered by Zenler"

If a customer on your site clicks on this badge, they will be directed to the 'Sign Up Now' page in Zenler, and your 'Partner ID' will appear in the URL. This way, if they sign up and upgrade, you will receive the Tier 1 commission of 40%.

Also watch the video on 'What are the Partner Settings?'

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