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How Your Affiliates Manage Their Accounts
How Your Affiliates Manage Their Accounts

Learn how your affiliates handle their accounts. They can manage their account, generate affiliate links, view sales, commissions & more.

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Affiliates can access their account by clicking their 'Profile' icon and selecting 'Affiliate' from the dropdown menu.

In the 'Affiliate' section, they have various settings such as 'Overview', 'Sales', 'Payouts' & 'Payment Settings'.

The first thing an affiliate should do is go into the 'Payment Settings' and set up 'PayPal Account' & enter their email address so that you can pay them.

Payouts: Inside 'Payouts' affiliates will find data on paid commissions, pending commissions, and the total commissions they've made. They can also filter by date ranges such as Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 days, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year, All Time, or a Custom range. Once they select these, they can also run a report.

Sales: Under 'Sales', you will find an overview of 'Sales' and 'Total Commission' earned by affiliates over a certain period of time, which can be customized. Affiliates can also generate reports based on the course and date range selected.

Overview: Under 'Overview', you will find statistics on 'Visitors', 'Sales', 'Total Commissions', and 'Pending Commissions'.

In 'General Details', affiliates can generate their affiliate links to the root of the site. Simply click 'Generate Link'.

Now, the link has been generated. Please note that this is the root of the site and not a specific course. This means that if someone uses this link and starts at the homepage of the site, the affiliate will be eligible for commission on any courses they purchase within the site.

Click the 'Copy' icon to copy the affiliate link.

Next, click the three dots in the right-hand corner that will open up the menu.

Click 'New Incognito Window'.

Now, the 'New Incognito Window' is open. Paste the 'Affiliate Link' into the browser, which will take you to the 'All Courses' page. If anybody purchases any courses from this site, the affiliate will earn a commission from the sale.

You can also generate an affiliate link based on the specific course itself.

Go to the browser and copy only a portion of the URL as highlighted in the image below.

Go back to Affiliate Profile & Affiliate 'Overview'.

Paste URL in the affiliate URL & click 'Generate Link'.

The affiliate link for this specific course has been generated.

Copy the affiliate link above and paste it into the browser. It will direct you to the specific course on the site that the affiliate is selling.

Please note that the last part of the affiliate link, starting from the question mark, contains the affiliate's unique ID, for example, "?affiliate=8SyooR".

They can add their ID to any URL within your site, such as the 'Support' page, to create a trackable affiliate link. Remember, these affiliate links are only applicable to your site and will not work for external sites.

Also watch the video on 'How Your Affiliates Manage Their Accounts'

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