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Handling Payments for Your Affiliates
Handling Payments for Your Affiliates

Learn how to handle payments for your affiliates on Zenler. View commissions and pay affiliates easily. No payment handling.

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To manage payments for your affiliates, go to Site > Affiliate Program > Payments.

Here, you can view all the payments or commissions that have been made through your affiliates.

In the 'Overview', if there have been no sales, commissions, or pending commissions for 'Today', you can use the filter to sort the payments by 'All Time'.

When you change the Overview from 'Today' to 'All Time', you will be able to see the affiliates who have made sales and their total commission amount, as well as any pending commissions.

To pay your affiliates, simply click on the 'Pay' button. Once you have paid, you will see an indication that the payment has been made and it will show as 'Paid' under 'Action'.

NOTE: Zenler does not handle payments on your behalf, so you will need to make the payments yourself.

Also watch the video on 'Handling Payments for Your Affiliates'

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