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What are 'Cookies' in the Affiliate Programme?
What are 'Cookies' in the Affiliate Programme?

Learn about cookies in affiliate programs and set the expiry date for links.

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To find out what the 'cookies' are, go to the 'Site' > 'Affiliate Program' > 'Settings'

You can see the settings for 'Cookie Expiry Days'.

What exactly is a cookie? It refers to the length of time that an affiliate link remains active on a user's browser or phone.

For example, if someone clicks on an affiliate link and the cookie expiry date is set to 30 days, the link will only be active for that length of time. After 30 days, if the user tries to access the link again, it will have expired and will no longer work.

In general, it's a good idea to set the cookie expiry date to a longer period, such as '365 days', so that your affiliates have ample time to earn commissions.

Just update the cookie expiry date & 'Update'.

Having a longer cookie expiry date can be beneficial for affiliates who promote your products or services through videos, social media, or other channels. It ensures that their affiliate links remain active and they can continue to earn commissions.

However, if you're running a time-limited promotion or event, you may want to set a shorter cookie expiry date.

Also, watch the video on 'What are "Cookies" in the Affiliate Programme?'

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