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Adding the Role of Affiliate to Your Contacts and Adding a User
Adding the Role of Affiliate to Your Contacts and Adding a User

Learn how to add affiliates to your website & set commission rates and multiple roles within Zenler.

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To find Affiliates, go to 'Site' > 'People' > 'Affiliate'.

Here, you can see one affiliate, Arnold Palmer. His role is an affiliate.

To make any of your contacts affiliates, you can either add them if you have their contact details, or you can make an existing contact an affiliate

1. Make an Existing Contact an Affiliate.

Go to 'All' > choose the user. Eg. "Test to Johan". His current role is lead.

Click 'Edit' icon to access his profile.

Add 'Affiliate Role' to "Test 2 Johan". Now he has two roles: Lead & Affiliate. If you wish to delete any role just click 'X' next to the role assigned.

Next, set the 'Affiliate Commission' rate to i.e. 50% (if a course costs £100, he will earn £50).

Click 'Update'.

You can see that "Test 2 Johan" has two roles, 'Lead' & 'Affiliate'.

2. Add a New User as an Affiliate

Go to 'Site' > 'People' > 'Affiliate' > 'Add User'.

Next, type in the First Name, Last Name, and Email. Set the role as an affiliate. You can add multiple roles if you wish. Also, set the affiliate commission to i.e. 30% (For every £100 sale, he will receive a £30 commission).

Next, scroll down. You can send new affiliate an email notification for him to reset the password, just tick the box and click 'Add'.

Please note you can also add Tags, the Address, and Phone Number. Or add affiliates to any of the live events. If you select the role of 'Student', you could add affiliates into courses as well.

New affiliate Ralph Jones is now added.

Please see the documentation on how the affiliates get their unique link to earn their money on courses or products they've sold for you.

Also, watch the video on 'Adding the Role of Affiliate to Your Contacts and Adding a User'

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