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Push Notifications through App in Admin Site Area
Push Notifications through App in Admin Site Area

Learn how to enable push notifications on your mobile app! Send out notifications to all or specific users with just a few clicks.

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What are push notifications?
These are notifications that you can send out to anyone using the app, and you can send them out at any time.

To enable push notifications go to: Site > Mobile App > Push Notifications

This will take you to the 'Push Notification' page.

Enter the 'Title' for the push notification and the 'Message' you wish to send.

As per the 'Recipients', select 'Send to all members' or 'Send to specific members' who are using your app and enrolled in your courses

Additionally, you can set an 'Action when clicked', such as going to a course, a funnel, or a URL.

After setting up the notification message, click 'Send'.

The notification will be sent out to the recipients on their mobile devices, allowing them to see and take action.

All sent messages will appear in the section below.

Also, watch the video on 'Push Notifications through Admin to the Mobile App'

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