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What Does 'Applicable' Mean in the Coupon Area?
What Does 'Applicable' Mean in the Coupon Area?
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Coupons are applicable to either, site or course. Let's go to:

Site/Courses > Coupons > Create Coupon

In Zenler, you can create a coupon for one course, multiple courses, or all of the courses. When this coupon is used, it can be used for a specific course and not for other courses. Alternatively, it could be used for multiple courses but not other courses or for all courses.

All of this is based on the discount type and discounts that you have used.

For instance, if the discount type is a percentage, i.e. 50% off.

In the 'Applicable to' field, we can choose:

  • All Products

  • All Courses

  • All Live Classes

  • All Live Webinars

  • Specific Products

Let's choose 'Specific Products'. Select Products from the list that are available. Not only that, but you can set the coupon to apply to each pricing plan. If you have multiple pricing plans inside a course, you can select the pricing plan to which you want the coupon to be applicable.

If you choose 'All Products', the coupon will be applicable to all of the products.

NOTE: When opting for a coupon that applies to 'All Products' and provides an amount discount, it may lead to potential issues. Some discounts might render products cheaper than the actual course, while others could make them more expensive. Hence, please be careful when you use a fixed amount for coupons.

Also, watch the video on 'What Does the 'Applicable to' Mean?'

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