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Changing the System Email Text or Language
Changing the System Email Text or Language

Learn how to customize system emails in Zenler to your language and modify welcome emails, enrollment notifications, and more!

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To change the system emails into your language, go to:

Site > Language > System Emails and Click Drop Down Menu .

System emails are automatically generated by the system in response to various actions, such as registration for a new course.

You can customize the following system emails to your language/wording:

Be mindful when making changes to the dynamic text in these emails. For example, in the 'Welcome Email,' you have the option to modify the content, logo, and sign-off. However, it is advisable not to modify the blue personalization blocks that include the course name, URL, student email, user role, reset password link, admin name, and student name, as these elements are generated dynamically from Zenler's data.

If you accidentally delete a blue block, use the 'Personalize' options to restore it.

After making changes, you can send a test email to ensure that it looks good.

Be sure to click 'Save' your modifications before moving on to the next email.

Finally, update all emails individually to meet your specific needs.

Also, watch the video on 'Changing the System Email Text or Language'

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