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Adding Additional Sites to Your Account
Adding Additional Sites to Your Account

Learn how Pro and Premium Zenler members can add multiple sites and set custom domains/sub-domains easily

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If you are a Pro or Premium member of Zenler, you have the ability to add sites. For Pro members, up to three sites can be added, while Premium members can add up to 10 sites. These sites are entirely separate from each other and can be set up very easily from your admin area. This means that when you add a new site, we automatically create an entirely separate Zenler sub-account site.

Each site you add will have its own data, course funnels, students, and emails, so nothing is shared across sites. You can also set up a custom domain or sub-domain for every single site you add. So, Site 1, Site 2, Site 3, etc., will be entirely different Zenler sub-accounts with no data shared between them.

Now you can use your single admin login to add multiple sites, as many as your plan allows. An important note: as per your ad site's terms, you can only add your own sites. You need to own the sites yourself, i.e., you cannot add sites for someone else to access.

Go to My Profile > My Account.

On the left-hand side menu, go to Sites > Add Site.

This message box will pop up & click 'Continue'

Enter the Site Name & Site URL, then click 'Add Site'.

Remember, the site name will be the name of your site as shown at the top of the browser and also notice that the URL will be the URL of your new site. Once this is set up, you can set it up as a custom sub-domain or domain and have it whatever name you have chosen.

Now, you created a new site, which we called 'Brand New Shiny Site'.

To access your new site, go to My Profile > Sites > 'Brand New Shiny Site'.

This is the new site that you just created. Start building it up now!

To get back to your main site, go to My Profile > Sites > "Support Document Site", which is the name of the site.

Remember that all sites are completely separate from each other. Sometimes it might ask you to go to the "Parent Site" if you are doing some particular task. Just make sure that you go back to the original "Parent Site" that you signed up for with Zenler.

Also watch the video on 'Adding Additional Sites to Your Account'

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