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Adding your Own Font Style to the Curriculum/Course Player
Adding your Own Font Style to the Curriculum/Course Player
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The Course Player is also known as the Curriculum page of your course on your Zenler site. All the changes you make to the font and style will be reflected here

To change the font of your course player/curriculum, go to:

Site > Branding > Course Player Font Family

Choose the font style for the course player and just click 'Save'.

Be aware that you may receive a warning message informing you that some fonts may not be compatible with certain devices or browsers.

For best practices, use the already set 'Font Family' that is available in the 'Branding' section:

After saving the changes, refresh the course player/curriculum page to see the updated font changes.

Please note that it is recommended to check the font changes on different devices, especially mobiles, to ensure compatibility.

Also, watch the video on 'Adding your Own Font & Style to the Curriculum or Course Player'

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