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Uploading Videos to the Media Library
Uploading Videos to the Media Library

Learn the process of uploading videos, with a maximum size of 2GB, to Zenler's Media Library.

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To upload a video, go to Site > Media Library > Upload Files

Click 'Select Files to Upload'

Select a video > click 'Open'

Click 'Upload'.

The video will appear in the 'Media Library' with a processing status indicated by a checker on the thumbnail.

NOTE: When uploading a video, please ensure that the file size remains within the 2GB limit set by the Media Library. However, please keep in mind that courses have a maximum upload limit of 1GB. For larger videos, it is recommended to utilize the Media Library instead.

To check the size of your video, refer to its file properties:

Also, watch the video on 'Uploading Videos to the Media Library'

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