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Tagging Our Media to Keep it Organised
Tagging Our Media to Keep it Organised

Organize your media easily by adding tags in Zenler's media library. Tag multiple items at once and filter to find items with specific tags.

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Adding tags to your media allows you to conveniently locate categorized sets within your media library. When dealing with a large number of media items, utilizing tags is a highly efficient and uncomplicated method for organizing them effectively.

Let us see how to add tags to a media.
Go to Site > Media Library > Click 'Edit'

Select a 'Tag' or type a new tag and select it and then click 'Update'

And now you have a new tagged item inside the 'Media Library'.

To tag multiple items simultaneously, you have the option to select them individually or use the 'Select All' feature.

Next, click 'Bulk Actions' and 'Add Tag'

Choose an existing tag you want to use or create a new tag, then click 'Add.'

Now, these items are tagged.

If there are thousands of items in the media library, it can be easily filtered to find the tagged items. Go to 'Select Tag', and only the items with that tag will appear

Zenler provides a quick and efficient way to sort and organize your media.

Watch the video on 'Tagging Our Media to Keep it Organised'

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