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Finding Our Media with Filters
Finding Our Media with Filters

This document describes how easily you can find a media file from your Media Library

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Go to the Site > Media Library.

Let us see how can we filter all the images from the media library. If there are hundreds of media files in the library, it would be quick and easy to just click on "image" from the Select File Type drop-down.

Now, only "Image" formats will be listed.

You can also "Select Tag" and if you have tagged your media, it will further narrow down the search results to find "Images" with Tag "BOOTCAMP".

This means that you have complete control over your media library. If you want to get everything back, you can simply clear these fields.

The media library also has a search function, which allows you to search for specific media. For example, if you search for "Zoom course card," you can just type "Zoom" and everything with "Zoom" will appear, but nothing else.

This simple yet advanced filtering method enables you to find our media quickly and efficiently.

Also, watch the video on 'Finding our Media with Filters'

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