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Adding a Video Thumbnail

Discover 3 ways to change a video thumbnail in Zenler's media library: select a frame, upload a custom thumbnail, or design one in Canva.

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To change a video thumbnail in the media library, go to:

Site > Media Library or Courses > Video Library, select the video for which you want to change the thumbnail and click "Edit"

Clicking on it will bring you to the settings page for this particular video. Within this section, you can modify the media's name, manage tags by adding or removing them, and even upload captions if we have created them. Additionally, we can update the thumbnail associated with the video.

To update the thumbnail, click the button "Update Thumbnail"

There are 3 choices:

  1. Select Current Video Frame

  2. Upload Custom Thumbnail

  3. Design on Canva

1. Select Current Video Frame

Play the video, pause it, and select a frame to be the thumbnail. Then, click "Select Current Video Frame".

2. Upload Custom Thumbnail

You also have the option to upload a custom thumbnail that you have created.

Click the button "Upload Custom Thumbnail", select an image from your local computer, then click "Open."

The new image will be added as the thumbnail for your video.

3. Design on Canva

The final method to update the thumbnail is to use Canva.

Click "Design on Canva" to open Canva, select your design, and click "Publish."

Once you're finished, click "Media Library" or "Video Library" on the left-hand side panel to see the changes reflected in the video.

Also, watch the video on 'Adding a Video Thumbnail'

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