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What Are You? Super Admin
What Are You? Super Admin

Learn about user roles on Zenler. Super admins have full site access. On paid plans you can add sites. Free users have limited access.

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If you are the person who signed up for the Zenler account, you are the site admin. This means that you are a "Super Admin" and have access to everything on your site.

When you log into your admin area, you will have access to all financials, courses, marketing funnels, emails, broadcasts, communities, and everything else on your site.

As the owner, if you are on a paid plan, you also have the ability to add extra sites. Each site you add is self-contained, and you have full access to all the information within each site you set up. Therefore, you are the main site admin of your Zenler site.

However, if you are a free user, you only have access to one site and limited features inside the platform.

Also, watch the video on 'What are You? You are Super Admin'.

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