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What is the Role of Instructor?
What is the Role of Instructor?

Learn about the role of Instructor in Zenler, they can create courses, control content, and manage sales, but have limitations.

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On your Zenler site, you can set up users to be instructors, and they are able to create courses and control their own course content. To access your instructors, go to:

Site > People > Instructors

Certain things instructors cannot do include touching the marketing funnels, sending email broadcasts, going into the site settings, integrations, or changing the Zenler plan.

They cannot make course purchases since they are already in the system. They cannot change the API key, do community management, touch the partner program, or enter different subsites that you have set up if you are on the paid plan.

Now, let's log in as an instructor, Kevin, on your site. You will be presented with the "Dashboard" where Kevin has access to his sales and any courses or lives that he has set up.

If Kevin goes into "Courses", he won't be able to see the courses you've created because he controls his own courses as the instructor. Currently, his course list is empty since he hasn't created any courses yet."

If Kevin goes to "Site", it will show the students who will enroll in Kevin's courses. Currently, there are no students showing up as Kevin hasn't created any courses yet."

Kevin can also go to "Lives" and set them up. Here, he will only see his own lives.

Kevin can view reports on the courses, preview the site, and make changes to his account as per normal account settings.

NOTE: If you add Kevin as the instructor to one of your courses in the site admin, Kevin will have access to that course. Additionally, multiple instructors can be added to your course, and they can help manage or even run the course for you.

Also, watch the video on 'What is the Role of an Instructor?'

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