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What is the Role of a Support?
What is the Role of a Support?

Learn about the Zenler support who manages people, provides student support, and has limited access to site sections.

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The "Support" role refers to the role that enables a person to manage only the "People" section of your site.

They do not have access to view the dashboard, course management, marketing funnels, email broadcast site settings, integration reports, Zenler plan, course purchase, API, key community management, partner program, subsite management, or anything else beyond the people section. The support role member has the ability to manage only the people within your site.

As a "Support" role member, they are expected to reach out to any students or people on your site that have questions. Their role is supportive.

Let's log in as the "Support" role to see what they have access to.

At first you will presented with a blank screen that simply welcomes the "support", Sally.

Next, go to "Site".

You can see that the "Support" role has access to all of the people inside the site. This means they can email them, edit their details or even delete them.

Furthermore, as a support member, they also have access to a certain amount of changes within the "Live" section. This is the extent of the support role inside Zenler.

Also, watch the video on 'What is the Role of Support?'

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