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What is the Role of Assistant?
What is the Role of Assistant?
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Zenler assistance is a feature that allows you to delegate tasks related to your Zenler site management to assistants. This tutorial will provide an overview of what assistants can and cannot do on your site. We will also look at how to access the assistant account and the tasks they can help you with.

What Can Not Assistants Do?

Assistants are similar to virtual assistants (VAs) and can help you with various tasks related to your Zenler site. However, there are some limitations to what they can do. For instance, assistants cannot view the dashboard, change Zenler pricing plans, purchase courses, or touch the API key. They also cannot go into the partner program management, sub-sites, or set up lives.

What Can Assistants Do from Their Assistant Account?

To access your assistant account, you will need to enter an email and a password. Once you log in, you will be presented with a dashboard that shows the tasks that the assistant can help you with.

You can then delegate specific tasks to the assistant as needed:

  1. Course Management: Assistants can manage your courses, including creating, updating, and deleting them.

  2. Marketing Funnel Management: They can also help you with managing marketing funnels, sending email broadcasts, and managing communities.

  3. Live Management: Assistants can also help you with the management of your live sessions.

  4. People Management: Assistants can manage people on your Zenler site, including community members, students, and instructors.

  5. Site Settings: They can help you manage site settings, including site branding, email settings, and integrations.

By leveraging the support of an assistant, you can concentrate on developing and presenting excellent courses while delegating operational responsibilities to the assistant. This can allow you to optimize your time and energy towards enhancing the quality of your courses while the assistant handles the administrative tasks.

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