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What is the Role Site Admin?
What is the Role Site Admin?

Overview of the role of a site admin in Zenler, their access and limitations to features such as integrations and sensitive information.

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If you're a Zenler user, you may have come across the term "Site Admin" before. In this article, we explain what site admins are, what they can do, and how they differ from other admin roles on Zenler.

Site Admins on Zenler

There are two types of site admins on Zenler: the Site Owner or Super Admin, and the Site Admin.

The site owner, 'David', has complete control over the site, and cannot be deleted. When you check the Site > People > Site Admin section, you can see the delete icon is missing for Super Admin.

Site admin 'Liz', on the other hand, is assigned specific permissions to manage certain aspects of the site.

When You Log In as a Site Owner/Super Admin

David, the site owner/super admin, can access or manage his site admin, Liz, by going to Site > People > Site Admin > click Edit.

Differences Between Site Admin and Site Owner/Super Admin

When you log in as Liz, a site admin, you'll notice that the dashboard looks almost identical to David's, with a few differences. She has access to the admin dashboard but cannot make any changes to integration areas. She is able to set up courses, edit courses, and set up marketing funnels, email broadcasts, and communities. She can also add or remove 'People' and provide support to you as a site admin.

Limitations of Site Admins

Site admins do not have access to integrations, changing your Zenler plan, or purchasing a course. They cannot change the API key or go into the partner program management side. They are also not able to access a sub-site of yours.

NOTE: Please be careful when assigning a site admin, as they have access to sensitive information on your site, such as sales. Ensure you understand the roles that Zenler offers before assigning the site admin role to a user.

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