What is an Affiliate?

Understand the concept of affiliates on Zenler site, their role in selling courses, and how site admins and affiliates can manage them.

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Affiliates are an important feature on your Zenler site, allowing any of your users to become affiliates and sell your courses for a commission.

What is an Affiliate on Your Zenler Site?

An affiliate on your Zenler site is a user who is authorized to sell your courses to their network and earn a commission for each sale. Affiliates can also run advertising campaigns to attract more people to your courses and generate more sales. As a site admin, you have the ability to set up and manage affiliates on your Zenler site.

What Can You See as Site Admin for an Affiliate?

Let's say you've set up Arnold as an affiliate on your Zenler site. As the site admin, you can view and manage Arnold's affiliate account by clicking on Site > People > Affiliate > Edit button.

Here, you can view/change Arnold's role or affiliate commission, which is set at 10% in this case. This means that if your course is priced at £100, Arnold would earn £10 for every sale he makes.

You can also view Arnold's "Affiliate Details" in the tab at the top, including his affiliate link, affiliate commission, and affiliate code. You can turn Arnold's affiliate account ON or OFF, and also give him access to specific courses or all courses.

What Can Arnold See as an Affiliate Member of Your Site?

As an affiliate member of your Zenler site, Arnold has access to certain parts of the site, including account notifications and billing, just like any other user. However, he also has access to an additional field specifically for "Affiliates".

When Arnold logs in to his account, he can access the "Affiliates" tab.

Overview displays his affiliate ID, allows him to generate new affiliate links, and track his commission earnings.

Arnold can also see how much commission he has earned, visited sales, total commission, and pending commissions

Under the "Sales" tab, he can see any sales and filter them by date and course.

Arnold can also view his "Payouts" and adjust his "Payment Settings" by entering his PayPal account email to be paid.

Affiliates are an important part of your Zenler site as it empowers your users to market your courses and receive a percentage of the profits. As the administrator of the site, you possess the authority to establish and oversee affiliates on your platform. Meanwhile, affiliates can navigate certain areas of the site to monitor their sales and commission earnings. By incorporating affiliates, you can broaden your outreach and enhance your sales potential through your user base network.

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