What are Students?

An overview of the role of students on a Zenler site, what they can see when they log in & the actions they can take within their account.

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A student on a Zenler site is any individual who has signed up for a course on the Zenler platform. Once a student has registered and created an account, they can access the course materials and interact with the instructor and other students in the course.

To view the students, the instructor can go to Site > People > Students.

What can a student see when they log in?

When a student logs into their account on Zenler, they will see a dashboard that displays their enrolled courses. They can also navigate to the "All Courses" section to view other courses available on the platform. If the instructor has enabled the "Calendar" feature, students can view upcoming events related to their courses.

They can also access their account.

What actions can a student take within their account?

A student can perform various actions within their account on Zenler. They can log out of the platform, view their personal account details, update their profile information, change their password, and enable or disable email notifications. Students can also manage their billing information, such as adding or changing their credit card details.

What can not a student access?

It is important to note that students on Zenler do not have access to the admin dashboard. This means that they cannot access any administrative features of the platform, such as course creation, managing student data, or editing site settings. The only information they can view is related to their own account.

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