What Are Leads?
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A "Lead" on Zenler is anyone who visits your site through a contact form or a funnel within your site but has not signed up or purchased anything. For instance, if someone visits your site and fills out a contact form or follows a funnel, they become a "Lead".

Zenler allows you to manually add leads. Go to Site > People > Lead.

Alternatively, you can also automate the process of adding leads through a funnel. Once a lead is added, they can receive emails and other automated messages. However, "Leads" do not have access to the admin side of your site.

As leads make purchases on your Zenler site, their role will change from "Lead" to "Student". This means that they have become paying customers and can now access the admin side of your site. By effectively managing your leads, you can increase your conversion rate and grow your online business.

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