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What is the 'People' Tab?
What is the 'People' Tab?

Learn about Zenler's 'People' tab - a dashboard for efficiently managing site users, organizing enrollment, and user data.

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Inside the 'People' tab, you have access to all the users on your site, including Site Admins, Instructors, Student, Affiliates, Lead, Assistants, and Support staff. Each of these users has a different role within the system.

Go to Site > People

You can export, import, and edit their information, as well as tag them and change their role types. The 'People' tab is your main area for managing students in courses or marketing funnels.

In other words, it's your primary dashboard for organizing the users who have enrolled or whom you have added to your Zenler site.

Also, watch the video on 'What is the 'People' Tab?

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