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Assigning Multiple Roles to Users
Assigning Multiple Roles to Users
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Users can have multiple roles inside Zenler. This is common with affiliates, where your users might be both students and affiliates selling your courses.

To assign another role to a user, go to Site, then People, click on All and select the user you want to assign the role to. Let's take Keith Sullivan, who's enrolled in one of the courses, as an example.

Click Edit (pencil icon) next to his name.

Scroll down to the Role, click inside the box, and choose Affiliate.

Depending on the role you select, you'll get different options. For the affiliate role, we have an Affiliate Commission. This is the percentage they earn when they sell the course from you. In this case, let's put 50% for every sale they make.

Once you've added the affiliate commission, click Update.

If you try to update without entering the commission percentage, a warning message will appear saying 'Commission field is required'.

Now you'll see that the student role has the additional role of an affiliate.

You can add as many role types to each user as you want, and you can also remove them. To remove a role, click on Edit, then Remove the role you don't want, and then click Update.

Video on Assigning Multiple Roles to Users

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