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Tagging for Your Users
Tagging for Your Users

This article explains how to use tags for filtering users based on their activity on your site and how to add/edit tags.

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Using 'Tags' for your users is a really good way to filter users based on their activity on your site. For example, you can tag users who enter through a marketing funnel, allowing you to know exactly where they came from, such as forms, courses, or any other page that triggered the tag. This way, you can easily send automated emails to your users based on their interests.

To view your 'Tags', go to:

Site > People > Tags

You can manually add a tag for an individual user by clicking on the 'Edit' button.

In the tags section, you can either create a new tag or update an existing one. Once added, it's easy to edit or remove tags for a particular user.

And now that user will have this new tag added.

The tags can be added while importing users to your site.

Also, by setting Automation Rules the tags can be added to the users. For that, go to Course/Bundles/Marketing Funnel/Live > Automation.

Additionally, filtering based on tags is also possible.

Click the Advanced Filter > Add Filter

You can learn more about 'Advanced Filtering' inside the users or people area by watching the video.

Also, watch the video on 'Tagging for Your Users'

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