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More Information - Additional Fields
More Information - Additional Fields

This article provides guidance on managing user information on a website, covering filtering, editing, and the types of data available.

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To effectively manage information from the users on your site & access the user's dashboard, go to:

Site > People

You can either filter the information by using the 'Advanced Filter' option or one of the standard options to find out more information that you have on the user. If you have added it, you can go to 'More Fields' and simply check the options you want to be displayed on the dashboard.

If there is no information on that particular field, nothing will show. But if you've asked for a phone number, country, zip code or postal code, state, city address, you can clearly see that information inside here. These options are available in most areas of the site.

By setting up a form with fields such as an address, city, state, postcode or zip code, phone number, and country, you can collect more information about your users and display it in the dashboard area.

Additionally, you can edit and add information about a user by editing their profile as a student, lead, assistant, support admin, or instructor.

Click 'Edit' icon:

Next, by adding extra information to a user's profile, you can customize and control your user database on Zenler. For example, if you manually add a country to a user's profile, it will be reflected in the "Country" field of their profile tab.

This level of flexibility can be beneficial for managing and organizing your users' information effectively.

Also, watch the video on 'More Information - Additional Fields'.

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