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Using Filters on Users
Using Filters on Users

Learn how to filter users effectively in Zenler! Advanced filtering options like user tags to identify and filter students or leads.

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To effectively manage your users, you want the ability to filter and identify the students or leads to know where they come from.

To learn how to use filters, go to:

Site > People

One option to filter your users is based on the 'role type', such as Lead, Affiliate, Student, Instructor, Assistant, or Support. Clicking any of these tabs on the left will display the users in that particular role. If you click on the 'Student' tab, only students will be displayed.

For general filtering, we can use advanced filtering.

Click Advanced Filter >Add Filter > Select Filter > Apply Filter

Eg: We can use 'user tags' to filter, and if we have a user tag with funnel A, we can select the tag by choosing "User tag contains" and selecting "funnel A." This will filter and display only the user with the selected tag.

We can also set up multiple filtering options by adding extra filters. For instance, we can filter by Role or Join date, Address, City, State, Zip code, Phone, User tag, User tag does not contain, and more. We have a wide range of filtering options that can work together.

If we want to filter users by a specific tag and role, we can use the advanced filtering option by selecting the tag and the desired role. For example, we can select "Funnel A" tag and the "Lead" role, and only the users with this tag and role will appear.

In summary, Zenler's filtering system is powerful and flexible, enabling you to filter down everything you need to manage your users effectively.

Also, watch the video on 'Using Filters on Users'

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