Emailing Users

Learn how to email a user from the admin site and compose a message with images/links.

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This document describes how to send an email to a specific user.
For that, go to Site > People and click the "Mail" Icon seen under the Actions or under the Profile tab while you edit the user.
Eg: Let us see how to email the user Sally Lepique. Click the Mail icon under the Actions or edit the user by clicking on the pencil button. Under the Profile tab, you can see the mail icon.

This will bring up the "editor" where you can type a message with a subject line and send it directly to the user by clicking "Send."

Please note that you can also use images and links in your email, and you can send a test email to yourself before sending it to the user.

You can also use "Email Broadcasts" to filter who you want to send an email to, or you can even use email lists that are available in the system.

Also, watch a video on 'Emailing Users'

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