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Editing and Deleting Users
Editing and Deleting Users

Learn how to edit and delete users on Zenler, including changing user details and unenrolling users from courses with this simple guide.

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To edit or delete a user on your site, go to Site > People.

This will bring up all of the users on your site. If you want to edit one of these users, simply click the "Edit" icon.

Next, you can make changes to the user's details such as their Name, Role, and Password. If you don't add a new password, the old one will remain the same. You can also add any other field details such as Address, Phone etc. When you've made changes, you can send a notification email to the user by enabling this option.

After making the necessary changes click "Update".

To "Delete" a user, simply click the bin icon next to their name.

However, in the case where a user is currently enrolled in a course, it is necessary to first unenroll them prior to proceeding with the deletion process. Attempting to delete a user who is still enrolled in a course will show a message that says:

How to unenroll a user/student from the course?

  1. Go to "edit" the user's profile

  2. Click "Courses" tab

  3. Unenroll" the user from the courses

    Once the user is unenrolled, you can go back to the dashboard and delete them from your list.

Also, watch the video on 'Editing and Deleting Users'

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