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Choosing the Right Live Type for You - A Self Guide Flow.
Choosing the Right Live Type for You - A Self Guide Flow.
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Running Lives Made Easy! The Self-Guided Choice.

This article will make it easy for you to decide the correct live type to use.

STEP 1: Are You Running a Live Interactive Session?

In a live interactive session, you can see and talk to your participants as shown below. As the host, you can make participants co-hosts. You can also see the names of the participants on the right-hand side and chat freely and privately with the participants in the chat box.

STEP 2: Are You Running a Live Non-Interactive Session?

In a non-interactive session, your participants' names, cameras & microphones are off by default. As you can see from the image below, the participants can chat in the chat box.

STEP 3: Are You Streaming to Facebook or YouTube?

If YES, you need to use the stream option within Zenler.

YOU CHOSE YELLOW. That's an interactive webinar where you can run 1-1 bookings, live classes, or live interactive webinars.

1 - 1 Bookings. Are you doing a 1 - 1 workshop?

Live Class. Do you want the lives embedded in your course?

Interactive Webinar. Do you want your participants to interact with the camera and audio?

YOU CHOSE BLUE. If you don't want participants to be on camera or their names to show, then Live Webinar is your perfect choice.

YOU CHOSE RED. If you want to stream to YouTube, Facebook or Twitch you need to choose Live Stream.

Now, go ahead and create your live session. You'll be plain sailing.

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