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A Tour Around the Zoom App & Zoom Session Window
A Tour Around the Zoom App & Zoom Session Window
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This document describes some of the important settings inside Zoom.

In the right-hand corner, you have a settings tab where you can access the settings for Zoom.

Some important settings include making sure your Video is showing by selecting the right camera, touching up your appearance, adjusting for low light, displaying participants' names on their video, and turning off the video or hiding non-video participants.

Scroll down to see more video settings.

Another important setting to look at is Audio. You should make sure that your speaker is outputting correctly and select the right microphone for your system. Leave Zoom optimized audio on by default. You can also set the background noise suppression to eliminate any unwanted noise.

Backgrounds & Effects are also important settings to look at. To use these, you will need a green screen behind you. You can upload your own image or even add a video. These little touches can make you look more professional during your live sessions.

Once your session starts, you can turn your Microphone & Video on or off. You can also set the Security settings for your participants. If you wish to prevent participants from starting their video or unmuting themselves, you can uncheck those options in the security settings. However, if you want to allow them to start their video and unmute themselves later on, you can simply check those options.

To chat with your participants, you can click on the Chat box, and any chat messages will appear there. You can also select individual participants and send them private messages. You can see the number of participants by clicking on Participants at the bottom.

To access the settings again, you can click on the shield icon and then click on Settings.

If you want someone to join your live session directly without registration, you can send them an invite link by clicking on 'Copy Link'.

TIP: Always start your Zoom sessions at least 15 minutes before the session starts. This will allow you to set up all the necessary settings before your participants join you.

Video on a Tour around Zoom App

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