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LIVE - What Are Recurring Sessions
LIVE - What Are Recurring Sessions
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By selecting recurring sessions, users will be able to attend all the recurring sessions with a single registration.

Click Recurring Session.
โ€‹Recurrence: Daily or Weekly or Monthly

Repeat: Set how many times it should be repeated

Occur On: This option will be shown when you choose Weekly or Monthly. You can set it accordingly.

End Date: The end date for the occurrences can be set here.

End by Specific Date

End After Specific Number of Occurrences
โ€‹The maximum number of recurrences is 30.

Click View Occurrences.

And you will be taken to the Recurrence Schedule. To come out of this page just Close the Page.

Now you are back to your setup page. Just click Next.

Choose a Theme & Click Finish.

Once you've set the Live up, you can edit the recurrences.

Go back to the Live Details Page. You can Edit Recurrence Settings and View Occurrences and edit the reoccurring settings.

Please see here the Registration URL & Invite Link. It's a direct invitation for people you want to join you.

Click View Occurrences.

Now you are in Recurrence Schedules.

If you're on holiday or you can't make one of the dates just click the Delete icon and the date will disappear. You can also change the time or date by clicking the Edit icon.

Or Add Schedule. Please note you cannot have more than 30 occurrences of the recurring session.

Once you updated your Recurring Schedule just Close the Page.

Please remember, Reoccurring Session is for people to register once and attend regularly the recurring lives.

Recurring session is available for 1 - 1 Bookings, Live Class, Live Webinar, Live Interactive Webinar. Please note recurring does not work for Live Streams, which are streamed straight into Facebook or YouTube.

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