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LIVE - Adding Replays to Your Lives
LIVE - Adding Replays to Your Lives
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Adding Replays for your live sessions.

You can add replays to 1 - 1 Bookings, Live Class, Live Webinar & Live Interactive Webinar. To record these lives, either you use cloud recording or locally record them to your computer. You need to download the files and then upload them to the replay page.

How do you find your Replay Page?

Go to Live and then select one of these: 1 - 1 Bookings, Live Class, Live Webinar, or Live Interactive Webinar & go to the live event that you want to upload a recording of.

You will be taken to this page, Webinar Details. Click Pages.

Under the Pages tab, scroll down to the Replay Page and click Edit Page button.

This is Replay Page for your Live. By default, there is a Placeholder Video. Click the image, and a menu will appear in a red box (Settings, Clone & Delete options). Click the gear icon to open the Settings tab. Click Settings & then click on the Video URL to upload your video.

Click Upload Video.

Click Select Files to Upload.

Select your Video, and click Open.

Click Upload.

Don't worry if you see this message
โ€‹This video does not exist'.
It will take a little bit of time for the video to upload, just make sure you click Save. To preview this page click Preview.

The Replay Page is a good place to put any Offers that you want to make available. Please note that you can Delete the Offers button if you do not want it on the page, or you can add more information to this page by copying or by creating blocks.

Then Refresh this Page. Now it's ready to Watch The Replay.

Go back to Pages & Replay Page & click Copy URL.

In Automations, you can e-mail the link/URL to the replay page to people for watching it. Normally this would be sent out a day after the Live has occurred or when you can fit the time to upload the video.

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