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LIVE - 1 - 1 Bookings Basic Setup
LIVE - 1 - 1 Bookings Basic Setup
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Go to Live, 1 - 1 Bookings and click Create 1 - 1 Bookings.

Complete 1 - 1 Booking Details such as

Topic: The 1 - 1 Booking topic

Type: Select if it is a Single or Recurring one

Single - Users can register for only one schedule at a time.
​Recurring Session - Users can attend all the recurring sessions in a single registration

When: You can schedule the time for the 1 - 1 Booking
​Add Schedule - You can add multiple schedules for the 1 - 1 Booking

Timezone: Select your time zone

Registration URL: You can share the register link so that users can book their spot
​Invite Link: Through this link, anyone can join the session without registering

Maximum Number of Registrants: You can set the maximum number of registrants for a single schedule.
​Duration: The duration of the 1-1 Booking can be set here.
Please note, you can run 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes in a normal session. Extending session is 1 hour 45 to 2 hours and you can run super extended sessions from 2 hours 15 minutes up to 4 hours. Please note this uses up some of your Zenler live minutes.

Inbuilt Password Protection:

Ask Password when Joining:


Public: 1-1 Booking will be visible to all on the Calendar and Upcoming Live Class block.

Secret: 1-1 Booking will NOT be visible to all on the Calendar and Upcoming Live Classes block. Only the users with a direct register link can register for this live class

Courses: The Live class will be visible for students enrolled in the selected courses.

Automatic Cloud Recording: You can ON or OFF this option

Additional Settings: You can set a registration closing time for the event.

Change the Image.

Upload an image for your one-to-one session in the 1 - 1 Booking Thumbnail area on the right-hand side and click Next to go choose a theme.

Finally, Choose a Theme from the templates & click Finish. Now our 1 - 1 Booking basic setup has been done.

To format your pages, click the Edit button. You can also set up any Pricing and Automations by clicking the tabs.

Now go back to the sidebar and click 1 - 1 Bookings and you will see your first scheduled 1 - 1 Session.

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