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LIVE - Paid Lives/Charging for Your Live Sessions
LIVE - Paid Lives/Charging for Your Live Sessions
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Charging for Lives inside Zenler. You can set up Pricing Plans in Lives for 1 -1 Bookings, Live Class, and Live Interactive Webinars. Currently, the exceptions to charging are Live Webinars and Live Streams.

To be able to take payment, you have to have a payment gateway set up inside of your site.

To set up a payment gateway, go to Site > Integrations, and make sure Stripe or PayPal is set up so you can take payments for your live sessions.

Let us see how to set up a Pricing Plan for 1 - 1 Bookings.

Go to Live & 1 - 1 Bookings & Select the Booking that you want to charge for.

Inside the booking that you've just selected, go to Pricing & click Add New Plan.

For Price, select currency and how much you want to charge. Enter Name & Description, Button Text Name, Add Bullet Points, Set Availability & Tax Category.

You can Make this the most popular price plan if you are setting up multiple price plans inside of the Live.

Click Add.

After your pricing plan is added, Checkout Page will be set up automatically for you. You can find it under Pages. To edit Checkout Page, click Edit Page icon.

Let's preview Register Page and see how it looks after Adding a Pricing Plan. Click Preview Page.

This is a preview of Register Page and how the participant would see it. Click Book Now.

You are taken to a Checkout Page to pay for 1 - 1 Booking.

Multiple pricing plans can be added to any of the lives. Go to Pricing & Add New Plan.

Now there are 2 Price Plans for the same live, in this case, 1 - 1 Booking.

Preview of the Register Page, now with 2 pricing plans.

Similar way, you can add pricing plans for Live Class and Live Interactive Webinars

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