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LIVE - Automatic Cloud Recording
LIVE - Automatic Cloud Recording
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Zenler has Automatic Cloud Recording with all of its live types except Live Streaming. The feature Automatic Cloud Recording is in 1 - 1 Bookings, Live Class, Live Webinar & Live Interactive Webinar.

Let us see how the Automatic Cloud Recording works on 1 - 1 Bookings. Under the 1-1 Bookings Details tab you can find the Automatic Cloud Recording tab at the bottom. Turn it ON by sliding the button and it will automatically record as soon as you start your Live.

When you finish the Live, your recordings can be found under the tab Cloud Recording. There are 3 Actions available with the Recording: Copy & Share Link, Download or Delete.

Please note if you have Automatic Cloud Recording turned off, it will no longer record and there will be nothing under the Cloud Recording Tab.

However, you can still record locally inside Zoom. Go to Record & click Record on this Computer or Record to the Cloud if we've forgotten to press record in Zenler.

Please note that Automatic Cloud Recording inside the platform is good if you need to record the whole session.

However, if you start 15 minutes early, you probably want to set everything up. In that case, just make sure when you open Zoom with a client that you click Record to this Computer.

With all lives, you should test them thoroughly before marketing them.

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