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LIVE - Cloning Your Lives
LIVE - Cloning Your Lives
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If you spent a lot of time setting up and formatting a Live just the way you like it and setting up Automations and Pricing, then you may want to use the Clone Feature to replicate your design into a new Live that you are running.

Go to Live. Depending on what you want to replicate, go to 1 - 1 Bookings, Live Class, Live Webinars, or Live Interactive Webinars. Choose your live event, and click on the three dots that opens a box with three options Delete, Edit & Clone.

Click Clone.

Complete the details such as date, timezone & duration. Then click Clone.

The duplicate has been created and has all the formatting from the original live.

Edit any details (such as topic) and click Update.

Cloning is used throughout Zenler and is a really quick and efficient way to save you from repeating the same jobs that you've already done. As mentioned already, cloning is available for 1 - 1 Bookings, Live Classes, Live Webinars & Live Interactive Webinars.

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