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LIVE - Streaming to Facebook Page or Timeline (not to groups)
LIVE - Streaming to Facebook Page or Timeline (not to groups)
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If you want to Live Stream to your Facebook page or timeline (facebook does not let you stream to a group unless you use RMTP custom streaming), you need to add a Zoom App to your Facebook account.

Go to your group, scroll down & click Group Settings.

Group Setting window opens, scroll down to Manage Advanced Settings, go to Apps & click Edit Icon.

Next, click Add Apps and choose Zoom from the list of available apps.

Once Zoom is added to your Facebook account, go to your admin and launch a live stream.

Go to Live, Live Stream & click Create Live Stream.

Complete the details of you Live Stream as appropriate and click Create.

Now you will be taken to this screen and are ready to click Start Live. Make sure you start the live no earlier than 15 minutes before the time you have set.

Zoom window will open and click Launch Meeting.

Now Zoom has started. Go to More & click Live on Facebook.

Complete the details and click Go Live!
YOu have the option of broad-casting live to your page or timeline (Not to a group please see our document on Live Streaming to a Facebook group using RMTP custom livestreaming )

With resolution please be aware if you've got a low internet connection speed, make sure you are picking Standard HD 720 HD rather than 1080 HD.

Notice that Facebook will open on your group page and you can see that we are now Live inside of our Facebook page or on our timeline.

To be able to get this view and test if you are streaming into your Facebook page or timeline, click your group icon on the left hand side.

When you're ready to end the meeting, you can click End in the Zoom interface. Please note you can also Turn On Captions.

It's highly recommended that you set up a test group to test all of your live streams inside of Facebook.

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