Go to Live, select Live Interactive Webinars & click Create Live Interactive Webinar.

Fill in the Webinar Details:
Topic: The Live Interactive Webinar topic

Type: Select if it is a Single or Recurring class

Single - Users can register for only one schedule at a time.
Recurring Session - Users can attend all the recurring sessions in a single registration

When: You can schedule the time for the Live Interactive Webinar
Add Schedule - You can add multiple schedules for the Live Interactive Webinar

Timezone: Select your time zone

Maximum Registrants: You can set the maximum number of registrants for a single schedule.
Duration: The duration of the Live class can be set here.
Please note, you can run 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes in a normal session. Extending session is 1 hour 45 to 2 hours and you can run super extended sessions from 2 hours 15 minutes up to 4 hours. Please note this uses up some of your Zenler live minutes.

Two options 'Inbuilt Password Protection' and 'Ask Password when Joining' are available.


Public: Live Classes will be visible to all on the Calendar and Upcoming Live Classes block.

Secret: Live Classes will NOT be visible to all on the Calendar and Upcoming Live Classes block. Only the students with a direct register link can register for this live class

Courses: The Live class will be visible for students enrolled in the selected courses.

Upload your course image in the Live Webinar Thumbnail section.

Then click Next.

Now Choose Template for your live interactive webinar, we chose Classic, then click Finish.

Please note all templates are highly configurable.

Live Webinar Pages are built in for you:

Register Page: This is for registration

Thank You Page: After they have registered

Waiting Page: Where they are waiting for the Live Webinar to start before they can join

Replay Page: To upload your recording of the session.

Each page can be edited by clicking the pencil icon.
The Copy URL helps you to copy the URL and can be sent to users.

Preview Page also is available.

You can charge for your Live Interactive Webinars which you can set up via the Pricing Tab.

You can also set Automations up. Please see Support Docs on Automations for more details. It is common in lots of areas within the site.

You can see all Registered Users by clicking the tab.

If you've enabled Cloud Recording, after the live finishes, you will find a link here to download your files for editing and uploading to your replay page.

Please note: Live Interactive Webinars means that users can show their videos and can speak through their microphones and participate in chat.

You can restrict access to some of these within live interactive webinars by setting up the security options inside the Zoom session.

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