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Lives - What Are the Options for Running Lives
Lives - What Are the Options for Running Lives
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Go to Live & and then to Calendar, 1-1 Bookings, Live Class, Live Webinars, Live Interactive Webinars or Live Stream.

What's the difference between the different types of Lives inside Zenler?

1-1 bookings, you will be able to create free or paid bookable 1-1 sessions. With 1-1 bookings you will be able to publish your schedule on calendar and your clients or students can book your time, if its a paid session they can pay and have a 1-1 session with you.

Live Class is an interactive class where you can see participants if you've enabled their camera. They can chat and talk if you've enabled their audio. Live classes are used to be put into courses. Live classes can be booked within the course.

Live Webinars are non-interactive lives with live webinars. Participants' videos and their names cannot be seen. But if you enable chat, they can chat inside of the webinar. You can also enable them to speak as well from within the webinar.

Live Interactive Webinars are a fully interactive experience for your participants. Participants' videos can be enabled, they can chat and you can hear them as well if you have all of those settings enabled.

You can also disable within Zoom security settings, their ability to turn on their camera or turn on their audio, meaning you can control the webinar.

Live Streams are streamed straight into Facebook or YouTube, and unless someone has a link to that session, they are not visible.

These are the five types of Lives we have in Zenler.

Please note, 1-1 bookings, Live Classes & Live Interactive Webinars can be charged for. You can enable the paid aspects of the Lives from within your live setup.

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