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Lives - Live Streaming Basic Set Up
Lives - Live Streaming Basic Set Up
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Setting up Live Stream to YouTube or Facebook.

Go to Live, Live stream, click Create Live Screen.

Choose your Topic, When your live will be streamed, your time zone and the Duration of the stream. Fill in all the details and simply click Create.

Now your Live Stream has been set up. You can start your live stream straight away by clicking Start Live. You can also Add Co-Host if you wish.

Go back to Live Stream where you can see All Live Streams that you've set up and you are able to go in and Edit or simply click Start Live.

This screen will appear. Zoom allows you to only start your Live Stream 15 minutes before schedule time & your stream will automatically end 15 minutes after the set duration. Click Start Live.

You will be connected to Zoom and click Open Zoom Meetings or Launch Meeting.

As you can see, Zoom session started. Go to More icon & you can go Live on Facebook or YouTube.

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