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Zenler Calendar. You can find the Zenler Calendar under Live & Calendar. It will show any event & lives that you have set up.

You can also use Live Calendar added to your page. Go to Site, Pages & click Edit icon in the event page.

Next go to Blocks & click Live Calendar. Add Live Calendar to the page by drag and drop to the bottom of the page. Now people are able to book just by clicking on the live event. Students will need to enrol to this course to access the live, or if you've made it paid event, they can pay here as well.

Live Calendar will show streams, live classes, live webinars, and live interactive webinars. All inside the calendar. There is also option to filter which live events they wish to see, and if they are registered for that session or if they are logged in.

You can view the time that you set, in this case GMT time, will convert and show local time zone anywhere in the world.

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