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Adding a Menu Item to the Header Navigation
Adding a Menu Item to the Header Navigation
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Within your Zenler site, you have by default the dynamic header. This dynamic header will change in all of the pages that you have, this dynamic header placed. So if I add a new menu item, it will appear on all pages where this dynamic header is.

Let us see how to customize the header.

Go to Site & Pages. Choose a page with the dynamic header that you want to customise & click Edit button.

Now you can see the Site Header (Dynamic). Please note the icons in the top left corner that help you to Duplicate, Save, Delete or Edit this Block.

Go to Settings to make changes. To Style this block you can work with the text colour, link colour, link hover colour, button colour, button text colour, button border colour, button hover colour & button hover text colour. We can also make it full width by turning the button ON.

Now switch to Menu, the system itself. Here you can find Home, All Courses, Support, Calendar and Blog. To Add New Menu Item just click the blue button with +.

Now fill in all the information for new menu item. For Text type the name of your menu item, we call it 'New Page'. Make it Visible to All, Logged In, Logged Out Users or None. If you set it for logged in users, anyone visiting the site that is not logged in will not see that menu item. If you select all, then everybody will see it, whether they are logged in or logged out.

Choose Action, Go to Link or Dropdown. If you choose Go to Link you will need the URL. Go back to Site & Pages and Copy the URL, only the highlighted part in blue.

Now Paste the Link in the box. There is an option to Open in New Tab by selecting ON or OFF. It means that when you click the link, it will open in a new tab. Then click Save & Save again.

You can see a new item has appeared here.

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