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The Header adding a drop down menu (sub menu)
The Header adding a drop down menu (sub menu)
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Adding a drop down menu or sub menu to the header menu.

Go to Site & Pages. Go into one of the pages & click Edit.

Now you are in the Site Header (Dynamic). Click Settings icon in the left top corner. It opens up Settings window on the right of the screen. Go to Menu. Add New Menu item by clicking blue box with +.

New window opens. Fill in the details such as Text (we named new menu item 'Services'), Visible to (All, None, Logged in or out) & for Action select Dropdown. Click Save.

Now we Add Sub menu items for 'Services' Dropdown Menu.

Under Services, click the little plus + icon, in this case for our YouTube channel. A new window opens. For Text, we fill in YouTube, for Action Go to Link, Copy and Paste the Link for your YouTube channel in the Link Box. Turn ON for Open in New Tab. (Or keep it OFF and it will open in the same tab). Click Save.

As you can see the 'YouTube' sub menu is showing in the drop down menu under 'Services'. We created additional two sub menus ('Google' and 'Support') the same way. Click Save & then Preview.

It will take you to your page to Preview the changes. Click Services with Dropdown Menu that you created (Google, YouTube & Support).

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