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Adding a Menu Item to the Footer
Adding a Menu Item to the Footer
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Adding the menu items in your footer.

Go to Site & Pages. Click Edit.

Go to Dynamic Footer Menu & click Settings.

Click Add New Menu. We type 'New Page' in Text box. Choose Visible to all, none, logged in users, or only logged out users. We choose Visible to All. For Action select Go to Link.

Go back to Site & Pages to Copy the Link. Only select and copy everything from the end of the domain as you can see below.

Now Paste the Link in the Link box and click Save.

And now you will see that we have a new item called 'New Page' in the footer area & click Save.

Let's preview if the new added item link works. Go to the Homepage, scroll to the bottom, click 'New Page' and it should take you to 'New Page'.

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